case study

case study

UX/UI Design


2018 to 2020

Welo is a platform that combines a powerful video editor with a premium content distribution and monetization model on news portals.


Enhance the product's business model to cater not only to news portals for enriching their content but also to TV networks seeking to streamline their signal editing process.

Make it easy for the user to create, edit and share clips more easily

automate the sales process by integrating into the platform


case study


A journalist can choose the best moments of the TV or the file to create clips and share them with their team. Once the clip is created, get the embed code in one click and add videos to their articles. Customize the player with the look & feel of their site.

As a content creator in a news agency, they can upload unpublished material, add their branding, subtitles, and have it ready before the content airs. So they can plan their distribution on social media.